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Tongasoa !

Do you want to experience something different
from your earlier travel ?

When the inspiration, the feeling and the time are present, it’s time to consider taking a tour vacation in the Lemur Island!

About us


Aloes Madagascar Travel (AMT’S) is the fruit of twenty years of experiences in tourism industry on the “Queen of the Mascarene Island”. One of the first Tour Operator privileging people with limited physical condition, we organize individual, family and group vacation and we arrange very special photograph and wildlife tour.

 We ensure the differentiation on trip suggestion offering you the best of the sights and sounds of each destination, built by our “expert naturalist” AMT’S team to deliver an exotic trip you’ve ever had. We are continually inspecting and vetting tours and excursions, hotels, restaurants, local guides and other personal service that are on-site to satisfy your expectations.

We always seek out the most reputable partners with the friendliest English and Italian speaking guides who know every corner of the place you want to explore.

We craft the travel of your dream as well as programs adapted to your need to give you the opportunity to discover Malagasy wisdom and their strong sense of community which influence their way of life.

Their receptivity makes them a well-knit population since its inception. We work with the best knowledgeable private guides, an amazing way to open our door to immerse yourself in a new place in a new light and experience richness of tradition, culture, custom, history, Malagasy cuisine, and to give you extra level of care so that every single trip will be an exception.

Our goal is to build the perfect tour that makes you feel the joy of traveling and we make sure your vacation is exactly as planned to guarantee you an experience that you will treasure for a lifetime.